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Growing Together


Welcome to the Year One Page! 

We miss you! Stay Safe x

You are all doing an amazing job!

We understand that everyone’s circumstances during this time are different. Some of you are key workers and trying hard to balance teaching your children. I have spoken to some parents who do not have a printer or some that struggle to access things online. We are here to help so feel free to dojo any questions. You are you doing an amazing job to choose what is best for you, your child and your family. It has been lovely to hear from parents and children on phone calls and see what you have been up to by photos that have been sent.


This is the list of government recommended resources -


BBC Bitesize are putting daily lessons online - 


Daily phonics lessons are available on the Letters and Sounds youtube page -


You can access online story books here -


The Kindness Times - a special edition children's newspaper to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week is available to download in the link below. It has some fantastic ideas and activities as well as children's entries. Well done to all of the children in Year 1 that took part. Two pieces of work have been published!



Our topic this half-term is BESIDE THE SEASIDE! 

Summer F, Week 1 Suggested timetable, planning and downloads below: 

Week 1 D&T challenge - can you build your own lighthouse - read the letter from Marcel below explaining why....


 Week 1 SumF.docxDownload
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 Lighthouse Keeper's lunch book.pptxDownload
 SPAG mat Summer F week 1.pdfDownload
 Y1-Maths-Mat-1 Summer F.pdfDownload
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Maths resources - Week 1

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Science resources - Week 1

 #Lesson Presentation Living, Dead or Never Alive.pptDownload
 Living, Dead or Never Alive Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Living, Dead or Never Alive Labels.pdfDownload
 Living, Dead or Never Alive Sorting Cards.pdfDownload
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Summer E, Week 5 Suggested timetable and downloads below: 

 Week 5 Sum E.docxDownload
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Week 5, Maths activities 


Video links 

Lesson 1 -

Lesson 2 -

Lesson 3 -

Lesson 4 -


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 Mat 5.pdfDownload
 Year 1 Spring 2 Activity Mat 5.pdfDownload
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Summer E, Week 4 Suggested timetable and downloads below: 

 Week 4 Sum E.docxDownload
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 How to grow a rainbow - Science activity.pdfDownload
 Maths Spring Mat 4.pdfDownload
 SPAG mat 4.pdfDownload
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Week 4 - Monday Maths activities 

Video link -

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Week 4 - Tuesday Maths activities 

Video link -

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Week 4 - Wednesday Maths activities 

Video link -

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Week 4 - Thursday Maths activities 

Video link -

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Summer E, Week 3 Suggested timetable and downloads below:

 Week 3 Sum E.docxDownload
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 Dinosaur fives.pdfDownload
 Ice-cream ordinal number activity.pdfDownload
 Maths Spring Activity Mat 3.pdfDownload
 ordinal flashcards.pdfDownload
 Ordinal number flashcards.pdfDownload
 SPAG mat 3.pdfDownload
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Summer E, Week 1 Suggested timetable and downloads below:


 Week 1 Sum E.docxDownload
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 16601-creative-spelling-activities (1).pdfDownload
 Year 1 Spring 2 Activity Mat 1.pdfDownload
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Summer E, Week 2 Suggested timetable and downloads below:

 Letter to parents and carers about online phonics lessons (1).pdfDownload
 Mat 2.pdfDownload
 Week 2 Sum E.docxDownload
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Happy Easter! 

Remember to have a break & spend quality time together!


Some great websites for Easter ideas - baking, crafts and activities! 

Here are some activities that you could choose from over Easter time should you wish...


In Class One we are working hard to progress in our learning and support each other as a team and as part of the St Giles family. We demonstrate our Christian Values of respect, love, hope, confidence and faith in all that we do so that we can continue to Grow Together. The class is split into five class teams and each day our class mascot decides which team they think has demonstrated cooperation. This includes; working hard, persevering through challenges, helping our friends, tidying away our things and looking after our own possessions. Children in Class One work hard and will hopefully be able to now vocalise what they have been exploring in school but, if you have any queries, Miss Slater is always available on the door at the end of the day to help answer these so please feel free to come and ask. 

The Teams are the five animal groups:     Birds        Fish        Reptiles        Amphibians       Mammals

Please remember to sign planners when you have read with your child. This allows us to change their home-school books regularly 

Year One photo gallery above ^

Please see the school twitter page for more updates and photos - @stgilesacademy

Year One Staff:
Teacher - Miss Slater
Teaching Assistant (Monday - Wednesday) - Mrs Pickin

Teaching Assistant (Thursday - Friday) - Mrs Lunn
SEND Assistant - Miss Taylor 

Our parent readers - Mrs Beveridge, Mrs Petch and Mrs Evans

We are also supported on some days by:
Mrs Roose, who will help children with phonics interventions.  

The headteachers award is presented every week to a child who was worked exceptionally hard and this is presented to the child in a celebration assembly led by Mr Grace. Each half-term one child is chosen to receive the VALUE award for demonstrating the half-term's Christian Value.

Each week there is Star of the Week, who earn two prizes and a certificate. 

We are also displaying who has received the most dojos each week on the MOJO DOJO display in our shared area. This is not the child who has the most dojos overall but the person who has earnt the most each week - therefore, any child can get this award if they are working hard.


Children in school are also working towards the dojo goals - the first is 30, then 60 and so on... Each half-term the dojos refresh.

Reading race - ten and twenty home reads.

Times Tables Rock-stars Awards

Homework and reading:
Spellings will be given out every Friday to be tested the following Friday.

Children should read their home-school books as often as possible - at least twice a week. These will be changed at least once a week in school but more often depending on when they have been completed at home. Children will receive a prize for 20 reading sessions that have been recorded at home. 

Maths or literacy homework will be handed out on a Thursday and is to be returned the following Thursday - this will alternate between the two subjects and will be consolidation of key areas, such as handwriting and times tables. 


PE days: 

PE days are Wednesday and Friday. Please bring appropriate PE kit and, if your child has their ears pierced, please either tape your child's ears or send them with tape. 

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