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School Dinners

Free School Meal Provision during School Closure

Free School Meal Vouchers - (Not for KS1 Universal Meal Scheme. This is only for those families who have means tested FSM entitlement)

We have received information from the DfE and Edenred, regarding the provision of free school meal vouchers. We have several options available to us but the simplest way of doing this appears to be by the parent/ carer registering with their email address with the school. They will then receive their e-voucher by email, this can then be presented at your chosen supermarket on their smartphone. If you wish to use the e-voucher scheme and have already registered an email with school through parent pay we can use this email.

Paper vouchers can be produced but due to social distancing restrictions in place, this is not something we are encouraging. We will look into how this can be done safely and will be in touch shortly if this is your preferred method.

If you would like to use a different email, or would prefer to use paper voucher, please contact the school at

Please read the Edenred FAQ for more information.

Edenred FAQ for Parents - Click Here

How to apply for Free School Meals

Many families may find their circumstances changing over the coming months. Lots of families may become entitled to benefits, one of which being Free School Meals. If you feel this benefit could be available to you download the form below, complete it, and either, post to the address on the bottom of the form or, scan or photograph a copy of the completed form and, email to


Our school dinners are cooked fresh on site everyday. We use a company called Feeding Hungry Minds to supply the ingredients, manage the menus and take payment. To order and pay for your child's school dinners you have to register your child at the Feeding Hungry Minds website which you can access by clicking the link below or re-typing it into your web browser.

Then click on 'Register, Pre-order and Pay' part way down the page.

If you are having any problems registering, accessing or loading money onto your account please ring 01924 792334 and the staff at Feeding Hungry Minds will be able to help.